Why cleaning your gutters is important

When your gutters are not functioning properly, there are a number of issues that may arise.

  • Foundation issues including leakage, erosion, and flooding.
  • Water leakage behind siding and into windows and sills.
  • Damage of decking boards including fading, staining, and premature rotting.
  • Flooding of walkways and landscaping.
  • Breeding grounds for many types of insects and bugs.
  • Freezing hazard in cold temperatures.
  • While cleaning your gutters may be an expense that does not seem necessary, the cost is going to be far less than the damage that non-functioning gutters may cause.
  • We will clean your gutters by hand and make sure that all of your clogs are cleared. We do this by bagging all of the dirt and debris from the troughs. We will snake your downspouts where necessary and make sure that all of the elbows are cleared of clogs to allow rain water to flow freely.

We do not use pressure washers to complete this process, as this can create damage and a huge mess.

Pictures of your cleared gutters can be provided upon request.

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